“We’re on our knees too. Money immediately for the reconstruction”

Florence, 25 May 2023 – Thealert weather forecast remains, the concern for damages as well, but theUpper Mugello he hopes to at least be able to benefit from the economic resources linked to the national state of emergency. To express optimism is the president of Tuscany, Eugene Gianiafter the Minister for Civil Protection, Nello Musumecitalked about the activities going on in the Marche e in Tuscany “for the purpose of approving the state of emergency also in these two territories”. “The minister’s words are consistent with the talks that took place – said the governor – and represent the right attention to areas that have suffered heavy consequences from last week’s rainfall”.

“In Tuscany the Municipalities involved are Firenzuola, Palazzuolo sul Senio, Marradi and San Godenzo, in the province of Florence. The water that fell is the same that caused the very serious damage in Romagna and the rivers are the same: the Lamone, the Santerno, the Senio. Luckily the works done by the Region, Municipalities and Reclamation Consortia have avoided flooding, but we have almost 200 landslides. The declaration of a national emergency would allow us to work with resources that the Region and local authorities do not have”. The procedure foresees the inspections of the technicians sent by the Ministry, underway yesterday and today in Romagna Toscana. Then, to express themselves, probably the next week, it will be the Council of Ministers. “It is essential that the Upper Mugello be included in the decree on the national state of emergency”, said the mayor of Florence and of the Metropolitan City, Dario Nardella. “Many resources will be needed: the Metropolitan City is ready to put them, but they won’t be enough, so regional and national support is essential. At present, the count of landslides has risen to more than 200, of which about 70 on provincial roads. We are ready to intervene urgently on some, in particular the regional 302. There is constant monitoring, knowing that we have not yet definitively come out of the bad weather. The good thing is that there are no more isolated people.”

Even the regional councilor Giovanni Galli (League) and the provincial secretary of the Carroccio, Federico Bussolin, they made an inspection in Firenzuola. “The critical issues are of absolute gravity – said Galli – especially for the practically non-existent connections with the Romagna side. There are about sixty landslides, with an estimate of 12 million euros in damages, a figure that is probably destined to double. It will take a timely and dual intervention, regional and national”. What is certain is that quantifying the damage does not only mean verifying it, but thinking about how much it will be necessary to spend to repair it and to redesign the roads.

The mayor of Marradi Thomas Triberti, underlines it clearly: “In the meantime, we are proceeding with the reopening of the roads. Few are now inaccessible to emergency vehicles. Then we will move on to making the routes safe with the interventions that will start in the next few days. Finally, the real reconstruction , for which it is essential to be included in the national state of emergency. Because the costs will be exorbitant”. And it’s not just the roads that need to be redone: “We’re trying to estimate the damage to productive activities, starting with agriculture, and they’re frightening. Many chestnut groves have been affected: an incomparable loss for a territory that has its flagship”. Finally, Triberti thinks of the railway: “The section towards Romagna must reopen as soon as possible, it is vital for us”. Economic damage, damage to agriculture: “The images of the Upper Mugello are impressive due to the effects of the devastating flood of recent days: interrupted roads, landslides with instability of the slopes, damage to crops which mainly concern the municipalities of Marradi, Firenzuola, Palazzuolo sul Senio and part of San Godenzo”, underlines the director of Confagricoltura Florence, Marco Anchinico.

“It is necessary that the works to make the areas safe, restore the roads and infrastructures be started quickly and resources be made available for the damaged farms in order to protect economic activities and workers, through the suspension of all tax burden, social security and the repayment of loans, it being understood that more punctually quantifiable refreshments will also be needed in the coming days “. Meanwhile, the weather remains uncertain. The regional civil protection has issued a yellow code for hydrogeological risk and strong storms until 10pm tonight, for all of Tuscany.

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