Weronika Marczuk confessed that she was considering adopting. “We decided to try to the end.” In the interview, she also mentioned her daughter Pazura

Weronika Marczuk at the beginning of the year, after many years of efforts, she became a mother. In the world she welcomed her daughter Ania. The producer said from the very beginning that having a child is a dream come true, so I keep my baby on the step. Now she confessed that in the past she had even considered adoption to fulfill her dream of parenting.

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Weronika Marczuk Pazura honestly about the adoption

Weronika Marczuk spoke about her previous plans in an interview with the Plejada portal. The presenter considered adoption in Poland and Ukraine. However, in both cases it is a very complicated and long process.

We decided to try to the end, but if we didn’t, there was always a plan from the beginning. There were also opportunities in Ukraine, where I lived, but it is very difficult there, and even for foreigners at all – she said.

She also referred to the relationship with the daughter of her ex-husband Cezary Pazura. When Weronika was in a relationship with an actor, Cezary had a daughter from a previous relationship, whom he mainly raised. It turned out that the presenter also took care of Anastasia and brought her up with love.

Always, from the very beginning of my existence, I have known that if you have to take anyone home to help, I will do it. I have that nature. I have nine godchildren, I raised my non-biological daughter with love. It’s not that kind of problem at all.

The presenter also assured that she was sure that she would love the child with the same, strong love.

This love will be born. What is going to happen in a given situation will be created. Love will dissolve every barrier and every border, it’s only our ‘mental formats’ that disturb us – she added.

Why hasn’t she made up her mind? Weronika confessed that during many years of efforts, doctors constantly gave her the so-called the “green light” that gave her hope.

Currently, the presenter is associated with a long-term partner who avoids the media and public life. Weronika Marczuk is currently focusing on motherhood and supports other women who have had similar problems to hers. Her story inspired her to write the book “Walka o Macierzyñstwo”.

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