Wes' Chips owners selling well-known chip truck


After 28 years of business, the owners of Wes' Chips are looking at hand over the French fry truck in Arnprior, Ont.

"After 28 years, he gets a little hard on you," said André Post, who co-owns the truck with his wife Karen Bretzlaff.

"It's tough on the body. I turned 58 and we thought it was time to live a little. Life is not just on Madawaska Boulevard."

The chip truck was opened in 1960 by Wes and Monique Dodds, who sold it to Post and Bretzlaff in 1992.

After 30 years, André Post and his wife Karen Bretzlaff say they're planning to hand over their famous French fries to a new owner. (Hallie Cotnam / CBC)

The business will not be handed to anyone, Post told CBC Radio's Ottawa Morning – it will require a "special" someone who is passionate about the business.

"When Wes sold to us he told us exactly how to make them," Post said.

"He worked with us for the next buyer too."

André Post, co-owner of Wes' Chip, says the secret recipe will be shared with whoever takes over. (Hallie Cotnam / CBC)

It's not an easy purchase either.

The land that truck sits alone, acre on a town's main streets, is valued at half a million dollars, Post said.

A new chapter

Post said he is looking to go camping more often and visiting his native Holland when it's warm.

For 28 years, they spent most of their springs and summers inside the chip truck.

Over the 28 years, André Post says they've sold a couple of million pounds of fries at Wes' Chips. (Hallie Cotnam / CBC)

It will still be difficult to read, he said, and it's not just the fries that will be missed.

"I am going to miss the people because I like to talk to customers," Post said, adding that often with customers that seem lonely to draw to smile on their faces.

"And then I was thinking about myself, I said 'Well, maybe I'm going to be alone without all the people you know around.'"

André Post and his wife Karen Bretzlaff are selling their chip truck business, Wes' Chips, in Arnprior. 7:33


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