Wesley Sneijder saw the red one in Qatar and became an energetic


Wesley Sneijder threatened not to play anymore in Qatar moments after being expelled during the victory of his club, Al-Gharafa, on the Qatar Sports Club coached by the Argentine Sergio "Checho" Batista.

In the rival of the Sneijder team they play, among others, the Chilean Luis Jiménez and the Cameroonian Samuel Eto & # 39; o, both of the past in the Inter of Serie A. Also Sneijder played there and raised the champions as an Inter In 2010. .

The outpouring of the Dutch midfielder occurred when he had already scored twice to give his team the advantage. The expulsion occurred in time of substitution when the victory was already assured.

"This is the last time! This was my last match in Qatar!" Shouted the triple player of the World Cup as he approached the dressing area. The cameras have captured all their rage live.

However, he himself corrected his own words through his Twitter account: "I'm very happy here and I want to make it clear that what I said I said in the heart of the game was an undeserved red card!"

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