West Ham Shutdown: We should forgive this habit. The Champions League would be beautiful

Czech midfielder Tomáš Souček can be satisfied with how high West Ham is on the table this season. At the same time, however, he admits that some of the “habits” of the Hammers are somewhat dangerous and could go away. Specifically, there was talk about how the team behaves when it takes the lead 3: 0.

West Ham has managed to gain a three-goal lead three times recently, but this did not mean a calm end to the duel in either case. He even lost it completely with Arsenal and the duel ended in a draw 3: 3. Hammers and Wolverhampton kept a close 3: 2 win with Leicester for the last time.

“We are happy with how we play from the beginning of the match, but we have to play for the whole 90 minutes, not just sixty or seventy,” is aware of the Czech representative, who has developed into one of the key figures of his team.

“It’s about confidence and mentality. We play well, but once we get close to victory, it’s like we think it’s all over, it’s done. We have to play the same way all the time. Press our opponents and play far on our gates. only in our lime, then the opponent logically creates a chance, “ said Souček.

West Ham is in fourth place after winning the Premier League table, and there is a growing voice that he could win promotion to the Champions League. “It’s still very difficult to say. Most importantly, we can’t start counting how many matches are left to end and how many points we have to get. The Champions League would be beautiful, but it’s still a long way off. approach,” added Souček.

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