West Papua is safe, says the local government


TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The West Papua The provincial government has ensured that the situation at Manokwari Regent is now safe.

The deputy regent of West Papua Mohamad Lakotani said in a press conference on Wednesday 21 August 2019 that all state apparatuses and local residents must resume normal activities.

Lakotani understands that the recent revolt that occurred Monday, August 19, 2019, caused a trauma related to security to Manokwari.

"We held meetings between local leaders and public figures, religious, including student activists. It was a common commitment to provide security, it is a guarantee that Manokwari is safe," confirmed Lakotani.

Lakotani also instructed all civilian bodies to return to their offices and provide services normally. The regional government together with the national army and the police are working hard to maintain security in the region.

Head of the Operational Office of the Regional Police of West Papua Sister Comr. Muhammad Sagi hoped that the public did not immediately believe a hoax or information that has yet to be confirmed.

"If a chain information has entered [in the mailbox], check the truth. Don't spread it immediately because it will make things worse," explained Sagi.

Sagi also added that West Papua regional police and Manokwari Resort police are ready to provide the latest security information throughout West Papua.

Based on the observation made by ANTARA journalists still have to return to normal economic activities and government services at Manokwari. Although traffic on the streets of Manokwari had returned to normal, shops and markets still have to be opened.

The service stations that had previously been closed during the revolt are now open. Public transport services in Manokwari he had also resumed.




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