Technology Western Digital parts series Red hard disks depending on...

Western Digital parts series Red hard disks depending on recording technology

Not so long ago Western Digital was caught in a scandal, when without notifying customers has translated some models of hard disks Red technology shingled magnetic recording SMR (Shingled Magnetic Recording). In General, it is inferior to the classical method perpendicular recording CMR (indicate instead Conventional Magnetic Recording) on the speed of random operations, but, on the other hand, allows you to increase hard drive capacity by up to 25%.

In response to criticism of WD almost immediately published an open list of drives using SMR. In further analyzing the situation, Western Digital has decided to break the series Red for several subsidiary lines, including direct Red and Red and Red Pro Plus.

So, a “new” series is positioned WD Red network attached storage NAS entry level example small office or home use. It includes the HDD from 2 TB to 6 TB with the SMR.

WD Red Plus can be considered direct descendants of the old Red. This is the normal storage capacity from 1 TB to 14 TB on the basis of CMR. By their positioning they are aimed at small business customers with heavy workloads. Finally, the familiar WD Red Pro series consists of models from 2 TB up to 14 TB with the maximum performance requirements, of course, on the basis of technology CMR.

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