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In conflict with the protest movement of the "yellow jackets", the French government wants to put on January 1 announced the increase of the ecological tax on gas oil and gas for the moment on the ice. According to government officials in Paris, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe wants to announce Tuesday the "suspension" of tax increases for several months. It also wants to announce further measures to alleviate the conflict.

After a crisis meeting between President Emmanuel Macron, Philippe and several Eliseo ministers, it had already been announced on Monday evening that the government was about to announce "measures". This should make it possible for a three month planned conversation phase to be regulated by the protest movement. Minister of Culture Franck Riester said that Philippe would make a "strong gesture of openness".

The violent protests of the yellow jackets show the effect

"Yellow Protests" protests in anonymous masks: after heavy revolts in Paris, the French government postponed the controversial increase in the ecotax.

The intransigents threaten the delegation of "yellow jackets"

A government official said Tuesday that Philippe intends to speak in the morning to the deputy of Macron, La République en Marche (LREM, La Repubblica in movement) at the National Assembly.

Previously, representatives of the protest movement had canceled a scheduled meeting on Tuesday with Philippe at short notice. Two representatives of the "yellow jackets" declared "security reasons" for the refusal: they were threatened by extremists because they wanted to talk to government officials. The delegation of activists who wanted to meet Philippe was not recognized by all the participants in the movement.

Protests in part violent for two and a half weeks

The protests against high fuel prices, taxes and the cost of living have gone on for about two and a half weeks. Strong weekends caused a sensation. On Monday, two "yellow jackets" were sentenced to several months in prison for unrest in the central French city of Puy-en-Velay. In Puy-en-Velay, the prefecture had been burned on Saturday night on the sidelines of the protests.


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