“WHAIR” open for sale of capital increase units Knocking price not more than 7.20 baht/unit

#ThanHoon – WHA Industrial Leasehold Real Estate Investment Trust or WHAIR Trust proceeds to sell additional units. Existing unitholders prepare to exercise their right to subscribe to trust units. Between December 2, 6-9, at the ratio of 1 existing trust unit to 0.1303 new trust units.

while general investors Subscription between 14-16 Dec. The highest offering price is not more than 7.20 baht per unit for additional investment in 7 projects, totaling no more than 1,345.89 million baht, specified after the capital increase is completed, pushing the portfolio to 13,000 million baht. And the rental area under management has increased to 428,818 square meters, going forward to reinforce the strength of assets in the EEC area, with an estimated yield of 8.9%.

**Ms. Jarucha Simanon, Managing Director of WHA Industrial REIT Management Co., Ltd. as the REIT Manager of WHA Industry Leasehold Real Estate Investment Trust Striel (WHAIR Trust) revealed that WHAIR Trust is preparing to offer additional trust units within this December. The existing trust unitholders can exercise the right to subscribe. Between 2 and 6-9 December at the ratio of 1 existing trust unit per 0.1303 additional trust units issued and offered for sale

while general investors Subscriptions can be made between 14-16 December this year. The maximum offering price is not more than 7.20 baht per unit. The final offering price will be announced on the website of the Stock Exchange of Thailand once again.

For this capital increase of WHAIR Trust, it will be an investment in additional leasehold rights of WHA Group in Ready Built Factory and Ready Built Warehouse for a period of 30 years and the right to renew the contract. Lease property for another 30 years, a total of 14 houses from 7 projects, no more than 1,345.89 million baht, total area of ​​48,186 square meters.

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It is the property of 3 companies under WHA Group, Thailand’s number one industrial estate developer. However, after the investment is completed Which is expected to be in the end of 2022, will result in WHAIR’s total asset value reaching over 13,000 million baht and the rental area under management will increase to 428,818 square meters.

***The additional assets invested in this time are:

1.) WHA Eastern Seaboard Company Limited Industrial Estate Co., Ltd. is a ready-made factory building, 1 building and 3 ready-made warehouses within the WHA Industrial Estate project. Eastern Seaboard 1 (WHA ESIE 1) and WHA Logistics Park 2 (WHA LP 2)

2.) WHA Industrial Building Co., Ltd. is a prefabricated factory building, 3 units and 4 warehouses within the industrial estate project. Eastern Seaboard (Rayong) (ESIE), WHA Chonburi Industrial Estate 1 (WHA CIE 1), Hi-Tech Kabin Industrial Estate (KABIN), WHA Logistics Park 1 (WHA LP 1) and WHA Project Logistics Park 4 (WHA LP 4)

3.) Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate (Rayong) Co., Ltd. is a prefabricated factory building of 3 units within the Eastern Seaboard Industrial Estate (Rayong) (ESIE) project.

***Mr. Sawit Srisaranyapong, Executive of Investment Banking Business Group Kasikorn Bank As a financial advisor and underwriter of trust units, WHAIR said that the subscription of WHAIR’s capital increase units at this time is confident that it will be well received by investors. Because WHAIR REIT is unique in that the invested assets are located in the center of the industry. and an important production center of Thailand Most of the areas are located in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC), including quality tenants in potential industries with appropriate distribution.

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However, after additional investment The REIT will have a larger asset size. And have more income, resulting in higher distribution estimates, with an estimated distribution of compensation at the level of 0.64 baht per unit, referring to the profit and loss statement and distribution distribution according to the scenario for the year from January 1, Wed 2023 until December 31, 2023, or an estimated return of 8.9%.

In addition, the additional assets that WHAIR has invested in this time Almost all of them are located in the Eastern Special Development Zone (EEC), which is Thailand’s industrial economic zone supported by the government and has foreign investments covering the New S Curve industry that will be the future industry of Thailand. Therefore able to attract both Thai and foreign investors as well Therefore, WHAIR Trust is considered as a good alternative for investment with good returns. and have the opportunity to grow steadily together with the EEC

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