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Two years ago, a group of like-minded people joined forces and knowledge to create an adventure and nature therapy that had not been practiced in Latvia before, and which has already gained considerable popularity in the world. What and how we can treat with the help of such therapy, we explain in the program How to live better.

What is adventure therapy (adventure therapy), explains and introduces the co-founder of Adventure Therapy Latvia, the founder and manager of the active tourism center Eži Rolands Melbārdis.

“Adventure therapy includes nature therapy, forest therapy, various practices related to experience in nature. The concept of adventure therapy unites the representatives of various fields and industries the most,” explains Rolands Melbārdis.

Not only adventure organizers, but also occupational therapists and psychotherapists are involved in this therapy.

“It is an adventure practice or an experience of nature with a therapeutic purpose, whatever the purpose, preventive, curative or growth-promoting, it is classified as adventure therapy,” Rolands Melbārdis continues. “Anything that is more than just an adventure can be defined as adventure therapy. It can happen as just an adventure also has a therapeutic effect. It just happened by accident.

Co-founder of Adventure Therapy Latvia, Vice President of the Latvian Association of Occupational Therapists, social work student, adventure enthusiast Unda Avota acknowledges that such an offer is increasingly used in Latvia by both occupational therapists and psychiatrists, for example, when working with patients with depressive burnout. Worldwide, occupational therapists use adventure therapy to work with people with post-traumatic stress disorder.

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Psychotherapist Nils Sakss-Konstantinovs reveals your experience by getting to know adventure therapy. He has observed that young people are more successful in negotiating outdoors and being active. He also encourages psychotherapists to go for a walk with his client, conversations will be much better.

Referring to the British experience, where students have to spend a week in such therapy, Nils Sakss-Konstantinovs admits that it could be useful in Latvia, because being in nature reduces children’s psycho-emotional problems, which we face more and more in the context of a pandemic. Natural media can also compensate for excessive exposure to the digital environment.

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