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Alejandra Guzmán was positive and calm regarding the complaint that exists against her. (Free Press Photo: @ VentaneandoUno / Twitter)

The controversy derived from the complaint filed by Frida Sofía against her mother and grandfather, Alejandra and Enrique Guzmán, continues to surface.

On this occasion, through a video call, Alejandra Guzmán gave an interview for the show business program Windowing. In this conversation with Patty Chapoy, the Mexican singer spoke about her mental health, after going through several rehabilitation clinics, and the controversy behind the complaint of her daughter, Frida Sofia, for sexual abuse and family violence.

To begin with, and without delving into the subject, the queen of rock He confessed that he is in psychological therapy and that he is currently being medicated with antidepressants.

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“I have decided to be at peace with myself and leave the things that I cannot with God and get ahead, and go out and sing with all the desire I have, make a catharsis of everything that my heart and my soul have with everything what has hurt me to the bottom of my heart ”, confessed the Queen of Hearts.

Without mentioning the name of Frida Sofía, the Mexican rocker spoke about the delicate situation her family is going through and confessed feeling calm about it.

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“It has not been easy, but I am calm because I know the truth and because I have faith that I can help in some way,” said Alejandra Guzmán in reference to the complaint filed by her daughter.

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He also added that “this is the hardest test of my life and sometimes one does not understand the ways there are to get to something.”

In previous statements, Frida Sofía, daughter of the Mexican rocker, defended her accusations against her mother and grandfather stating that the truth would come out, this after Enrique Guzmán labeled her a liar and emotionally unstable.

Finally, Guzmán mentioned that she is calm with this situation, since although her family may be dysfunctional, all the members are full of affection and are transparent.

The artist’s statements are given after his daughter, Frida Sofía, formally filed a complaint against her and Enrique Guzmán on June 11. The crimes for which they are indicated are sexual abuse, corruption of minors and family violence.

Frida’s complaint is supported by several testimonies from people who were around the Guzmán family in the past and assure strange behavior towards her.

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Likewise, along with the complaint filed by Frida, Enrique Guzmán, her grandfather, filed an accusation against her for alleged family violence.

The complaint of sexual abuse by Frida Sofía, if it reaches the last consequences, could represent a prison sentence for Enrique and Alejandra Guzmán.

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