What animal was the Omicron infected with? Origin of virus revealed

The Omicron variant is showing its effects in Turkey as well as all over the world. While there was an explosion in the number of cases due to Omikron, the process of obtaining information on the subject accelerated.

Recent work to investigate the origin of the Omicron has revealed important information. Omicron has its origins in reverse zoonosis to scientists.

What animal was the Omicron infected with?

A new study done in China showed that Omicron is a result of reverse zoonosis.

Scientists have shown that Omicron, which evolves 3 times faster than previous variants of the coronavirus, cannot develop in the human body, but can arise in a mouse.

Accordingly, in a mouse infected by humans, the coronavirus accumulated a large number of mutations and jumped back to humans after a year.

The rate of mutations is consistent with mice

The scientists then found that the molecular nature of the mutations in the Omicron variant is not the same as when the coronavirus evolved in humans when it was first detected in humans.

But mutations appeared to develop consistently in animals, particularly mice.

“From mice to humans”

“Our findings demonstrate that two viruses from the B.1.1 family, progenitor of Omicron, jumped from humans to mice during the pandemic (probably in mid-2020) and experienced an adverse zoonotic event. “These viruses returned to humans, accumulating several mutations in a mouse over a period of more than a year before returning to humans in late 2021.”

What is the Omicron variant?

The Omicron variant is the mutated SARS COV-2 virus known to originate from Africa. It is the fifth variant added to the list of variants of concern by the World Health Organization. When a decrease was observed in the number of cases in Africa and an increase was observed again, it was understood that the Omicron (Nu) variant, as a new wave, caused this increase. The Omicron variant, which has previously appeared in various cities and countries in Europe, Asia and Australia, has also been detected in Turkey.


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