What are the best mutual funds of the year

Mutual investment funds are the ideal instrument to add to fixed terms or investment in dollar bills. In this note all the details

By Christian A. Buteler

21/06/2022 – 10,04hs

Since this column we have already mentioned the importance of Mutual funds when it comes to broadening the horizons of the investor, they are the ideal instrument to add to fixed terms or investment in dollar bills, it allows entry from small figures, access to professional money management and diversification according to the risk that one wants to accept taking into account the expected return.

Today the FCI industry manages the equivalent of US$19.5 billion (at the free dollar value), the main types of fund in which investors invest are: Money Market, Fixed Income, Mixed Income and Variable Income.

But,What are the best funds to invest? Although the phrase “past returns do not guarantee future returns” is true, when it comes to investing, it is always advisable to follow those who are doing the best because in investing, timing is as important as detecting the market trend. For this, we are going to see which have been the three best investment funds according to their classification so far this year.

We start withs Money market FCI, are funds that invest in liquid instruments such as time deposits, interest-bearing accounts and short-term bills. They are ideal for maintaining the liquidity one needs throughout the month or short-term investments where availability is prioritized over performance. The best backgrounds were:

Fixed income FCI

They are funds that invest bonds, letters and negotiable obligations. Within this category you can find funds with a short, medium or long-term investment horizon, obviously each of them has a different risk. Some of them invest in bonds in pesos and others in bonds in dollars. The top 3 in each currency are:

Fixed income in pesos

Fixed income in pesos

Fixed income in dollars

Fixed income in dollars

Today the FCI industry Manages the equivalent of $19.5 billion

FCI Variable Income

These funds invest mainly in shares that can be from the Argentine market or foreign through the CEDEARS. Investing in shares is to become partners of the companies in which the money is placed, the evolution of my money will go hand in hand with the results that the companies achieve, which are obviously affected by the context in which they operate.

FCI Equities

FCI Equities

FCI Mixed Income

They are funds that invest in both stocks and bonds seeking a balance between both assets.

FCI Mixed Income

FCI Mixed Income

Each type of fund carries a different risk and even within the same category It can also vary, which is why it is important to talk with the financial advisor to see which one best suits our profile and investment objective.

All banks offer mutual funds and it is the first place to consult if you are interested, you can compare their yields with those that are in this note (remember that it is the yield until June 16). Some of those that appear here can be purchased at banks, others by stockbrokers and also directly with the management company.

Mutual investment funds are the ideal instrument to add to fixed terms or investment in dollar bills

The world of investments is wide and the FCIs are the gateway, I’ll wait for you next week.

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