What are the best ways to earn bitcoins?

By E.B.

Buy online and earn bitcoins

There are many things you can do with bitcoins, like shopping every day. But there are some services that offer money back offers. When you buy an item in one of the 500 stores that are in the service, you will receive a reward in the form of bitcoins. The best way to earn bitcoins with your online purchases is by using the apps of these services. When your purchase is confirmed by the app, the store will confirm your money back earnings. When you shop, the store will add crypto rewards to your wallet. You can transfer your bitcoins from your merchant app account to your Bitcoin wallet, or spend them. There is a minimum amount of bitcoins that you must collect in order to make a withdrawal. The time it takes for you to withdraw the bitcoins you earned through rewards will be between 30 and 90 days. If you want to withdraw the money in the form of bitcoins, you must enter your Bitcoin wallet address, and the site will send you your free bitcoins. To withdraw, you may have to pay the transaction cost of the Blockchain.

Open a cryptocurrency interest account to get free bitcoins

Many cryptocurrency investors will show interest in investing in Bitcoin, because it is considered one of the best investment tools for investors. It helps them double their savings. The cryptocurrency interest account will help you earn free bitcoins every month. Everyone will wonder how much interest they could earn from bitcoins. Well, they can earn 8% annual interest. The interest for each month will be accumulated. You will get an average interest rate of 8.6% in the form of bitcoins at the end of the year. It is quite simple to create the account. It only requires a few clicks of your mouse. As soon as you open the account, the interest begins to be calculated from the first day. There is no minimum amount required to start earning interest. Any investor of cryptocurrencies, anywhere in the world, can open this account. The funds required to pay interest to investors will come from reliable institutional players.

Take surveys to earn bitcoins

If you have time to answer questions and help companies do their market research, you can take surveys. Some companies pay people to complete their surveys. When you complete a survey, you can earn some bitcoins. This helps increase the balance in your Bitcoin wallet. Many companies offer this survey opportunity. You can select which surveys you want to complete on the survey platform and you will get paid after doing it. There are sites that also reward the user for watching videos, installing apps or playing games. If you are passionate about earning bitcoins, then it is a good idea to pay attention to these sites. Survey sites pay once a week. You can withdraw your winnings once the bitcoin value reaches USD 10. The maximum profits that a user could make in one day are USD 50. From the first day you could earn between 10 and 20 dollars a day, which is good. While you won’t become a millionaire by taking surveys, it is the best way to earn bitcoins.

Affiliate merchant

This is another lucrative way to earn free bitcoins online. If you have enough followers online, you can direct your friends or acquaintances to do business with companies that pay you with bitcoins when you refer a new customer to them. Your followers must click on a unique URL provided by the merchant. When they click on this link and come to the page and make a purchase, you will get bitcoins in your account.


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