"What are you doing there?" The candidate takes care to breathe with Bushman


The preferred extinction takes place at the tunnel jump: Dennis, for example, whipped through the park by his father, fails miserably there. "This is the journey of a hero", attests the presenter Laura Wontorra – this time obviously in pajamas for filming – the nineteen-year-old. "I often can not recover my potential," he says with professional phrasing.

Only the most difficult enter the RTL garden

Semifinals at "Ninja Warriors Germany", currently the toughest show on German television: of the 56 men who have done it so far, now there are 28 more. Only the hardest ones come to the garden. And only the most difficult at the end of the "Ninja" competitions.

Sladjan "Sladi" Djulabic is the first "finisher" to overcome the chimney – allowing him to spend a good ten seconds until he hits the buzzer. For tactical reasons, then explains to the already hyperventilator Frank "Buschi" Bushman: have more time in the final between the first and second round. Someone is very confident about it!

Taller, faster, farther

Benjamin Grams, one of the nicest guys on the course, will have his best time. Like him, many of the participants in the third season are young "ninja" veterans who can not resist him: try again. Go ahead this time, be faster, go higher. There is another saying that Generation Y or Z is only concerned with balancing working life.

56 men with the same nine obstacles can lead to slight layoffs – despite the high performance and given the muscular threads on the very masculine upper bodies. Fortunately, RTL engages and on the turbo and has some talents in the fast race.

There is no time for tears

But even without the fast forward button, the show likes for the least possible pressure on the lacrimal gland: here, no family drama is prepared, almost no relative asked and rarely told more than two or three details of the candidate's previous life. It concerns the realization, the will to win and the joy of both.

"What a level this year," says Buschi, and you must be in agreement with him. For many candidates, following the course seems like an Easter walk. Some even have time for a joke or a jump on the cameraman. Still others laugh as they walk through the chimney in the direction of Buzzer.

"These are really all beasts," says co-commentator Jan Köppen. And this is the way everything has been said.

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