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What can be done during the hours of law 104 leave?

When a worker obtains Law 104 permits to assist the disabled family member, what can he do and what not during those hours? Furthermore, the checks that the employer could send, concern only the working time band? The Borsa Projections Committee will answer these and other questions in the following text.

Which activities are allowed and which are not

So what can you do during the hours of law 104 permits? There is no real list of the activities granted to the worker during the days off. However, to better understand the underlying logic, it is good to take stock of the meaning that Law 104 permits assume.

As we know, the beneficiaries of Law 104/92, They can get up to 3 days of paid work leave for the assistance of the severely disabled family member. This implies the absence from work which is regularly paid and justified according to the provisions of the law. So what can be done during the hours of law 104 permits? The days of absence from work are justifiable to the extent that they take place according to the assistance the disabled person needs. This means that the worker cannot abuse these permits for the handling of strictly personal matters or perhaps for a trip out of town.

Can I leave the house during the law 104 leave?

In compliance with the welfare principle, therefore, do you have to stay at home all the time with the permits? We have already answered this question earlier as you can read who. In fact, the legislation does not oblige to remain for the entire duration of the permit next to the disabled person. This means that if you have to carry out the paperwork concerning the family member, it is possible to move away from home. In fact, the actions that take place in favor of the disabled, such as shopping for them, going to the post office or similar, fall within the assistance. In this sense, we must also specify that assistance must not coincide with the taxpayer’s working hours. In fact, the needs of the disabled family member are taken into account in these cases and their needs in relation to assistance. Here’s what you can do during the hours of the Law 104 permits.


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