What changes this Monday for Belgians who want to go to France

This Monday, May 3 marks the start of deconfinement in France. Travel restrictions are lifted.

Posted 05/3/2021 at 10:46 am

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Fin travel restrictions and partial return of middle and high school students to class: the constraints linked to the covid epidemic are starting to loosen on Monday in France, against the backdrop of a slow decline in hospitalizations.

It is again authorized to move more than 10 km from his home. Non-essential trips abroad from Belgium are strongly discouraged, but it is therefore now possible to travel to France even for non-essential reasons and if you are not a cross-border worker.

However, as the website of the FPS Foreign Affairs, a negative PCR test of less than 72 hours remains mandatory to enter French territory. This obligation concerns all modes of travel (arrival by road, rail, air or sea).

Only road carriers, frontier workers and residents of frontier living areas within a radius of 30 km from their home are exempt from this obligation. People wishing to benefit from one of the exceptions must bring a document allowing them to justify the reason for their displacement.

As the Foreign Affairs website reminds us, all travelers aged 11 and over must also have a declaration on their honor.


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