What did Álvaro Uribe mean by “eye on 22”?

Although he did not provide further details, Alvaro Uribe Velez He pronounced the phrase “eye on 22” again at the end of his speech this Monday from his farm, located in Montería (capital of the department of Córdoba).

“For the defense of freedom and democracy, until the end. Be careful with the 22 ”, said the former congressman at the end of his speech, which lasted about 13 minutes and was broadcast on different social networks.

According to Semana magazine, this little phrase is a warning from Uribe, who believes that the left is a strong threat to Colombia in the next presidential elections.

“Let us advance in initiatives of social and economic progress that are the alternative to the socialist risk, which intends to replicate the failure of Venezuela and Nicaragua, and which tends blankets of uncertainty over other countries in the region”, assured the former president.

Semana also indicated that Uribe’s main objective is the 2022 elections. “The former president made it clear that he will aim first of all to work for that single cause. It is not the first time that he says it ”, stressed.

Santiago Valencia, a member of parliament for the Democratic Center, also stated in Snail News what “There are dark forces that are trying to destabilize the country in order to bring about failed foreign policies”.

“The best thing that could happen to us is that President Álvaro Uribe assumes the leadership of the party, taking that message to all of Colombia that we have tried to carry: watch out for 22,” Valencia said.

Several members of the Democratic Center, consulted by the news, They did not rule out that the former president returns to the polls, since they indicated that this will not leave the political environment for the moment.


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