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Singer yahaira plasencia He spoke after the second gala of “the big star”, which was broadcast on the night of Saturday, August 13, 2022 and left its first elimination, Karen del Águila, who was part of Ruby Palomino’s team.

At the end of the show, the sauce boat explained daily OJO what motivates her in this new facet: “I am motivated by the fact that I also went through the same thing, that is, I know what it is to fight for a dream, I know what it costs to try to get on television, try to make people like it, try to sell a product that does not it is not easy here in our country”.

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“I think that what I always advise each of the boys is to have confidence in themselves and to learn and absorb everything that the teachers are going to teach them. More than winning and having the best points, the best score, absorbing everything, absorbing absolutely everything that they have learned here because that is what I did”.

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On the subject of humility, which was discussed by the participants of the competition, Yahaira Plasencia clarified that the program is an entertainment show rather than a talent reality show: “I think they are going to learn little by little that this is a show, they are going to learn little by little that sometimes one cannot handle his character, he does not know how to handle it on set. It has happened to me, I have a super strong character and I have not been able to handle it at some point, so what I tell Masiel is to try to be calm, that this is an entertainment show also more than a talent show , so you have to take it in the best way and be calm”.

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However, Yahaira Plasencia did not agree with the opinion of Sergio George, who stated that humility is not sought on stage, but talent: “No, everyone has their opinion. I think humility is important, yes, but it’s true, we haven’t come here to be friends with everyone either, not everyone will like you, do you understand? I think it’s important to have values, humility, but here you come to win, you come to make an effort and also to make friends, of course, but if someone doesn’t like you, it’s not your fault, you continue with your things and Already”.

On the other hand, the “queen of totó” announced that a new project is coming in her career: “Let it happen and they will find out.”


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