Health what disease can cause COVID-19 years later

what disease can cause COVID-19 years later

Foreign scientists have revealed in patients the consequences after suffering atypical pneumonia – after 12 years they developed type 1 or type 2 diabetes. Experts believe that such metabolic disorders may be a long-term consequence of COVID-19.

“The fact that viral infections can cause diabetes has been known for a long time,” he said. In particular, with a high degree of probability this is associated with infections with enteroviruses and rubella virus, especially at a young age. So the hypothesis expressed has a right to exist, but needs an objective verification, ”said Sergei Netesov, head of the laboratory of biotechnology and virology at Novosibirsk State University, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Thus, the virus disrupts not only the functioning of the heart and respiratory system – significant changes in the metabolism can be associated with damage to the lungs. Additional studies are needed to confirm this relationship, so many experts are in no hurry to draw conclusions.

“Much will depend on the characteristics of a particular patient, on selected treatment, on exposure to risk factors,” the expert explained. Based on the analysis of neurological or respiratory complications in patients with COVID-19, taking into account the scale of the pandemic, a new syndrome can be described, ”David Naimzad, research fellow at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, told Izvestia.

Patients with confirmed COVID-19 also developed renal failure, previously reported. Such statistics are related to the fact that chronic kidney diseases themselves often accompany such diagnoses as atherosclerosis, diabetes mellitus and hypertension, and are observed in elderly patients.

As of May 15, the number of people infected in Russia since the spread of the epidemic in the country is 262 thousand patients.



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