What dividends to watch out for? Bankinter pays on Wednesday, and Ferrovial confirms its first payment as a foreign firm

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With the heat, one of the two most succulent dividend seasons on the Spanish stock market begins, along with autumn. And this week the payments are starting to pile up. The most outstanding is the one that will pay bankinter next Wednesday, June 28. The entity will distribute among its shareholders the complementary payment, the second dividend charged to this year, for an amount of 0.0919 gross euros per share, which implies a return of 1.7%.

Now, whoever did not already have Bankinter shares is too late to collect this dividend. Today is the day on which the titles of the entity directed by Dolores Dancausa are already trading without the right to receive it, and they fall 0.5% in that discount of the payment on Wednesday. The payment represents an increase of 24% compared to June last year.

For his part, railway announced on Friday the amount of its July dividend, the first that it will make as a Dutch listed company, outside of Spain, after its transfer of headquarters two weeks ago. The concessionaire of the Del Pino Family will pay a complementary payment of 0.2871 euros gross per share, “which represents a fall of 2.5% with respect to the same payment of the previous year and a return of 0.9%”, the Banco Sabadell analysts. In total, this implies that the dividend charged to the year 2022 will be 0.71 euros.

Regarding the dates, it should be remembered that it is a dividend in format scrip, which implies that shareholders can opt for payment in shares, instead of cash. The provisional calendar indicates that to access it, the shareholder must have Ferrovial shares before July 5, since this payment will already be deducted at that meeting. The listing of the rights will begin on July 7 and it will be on the 26th of this month when those who have chosen to receive the dividend in cash will receive their money.

The pharmaceutical The labors of Rovi has confirmed this morning the dates of its next dividend. It will be on July 5 for an amount of 1.29 euros gross per share, which implies a return of 3.1%. The last trading day of the shares entitled to receive the dividend will be June 30. Therefore, the date from which the shares will be traded without the right to receive the dividend (‘ex-date’) will be July 3.

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