What do The Quarry and Avengers: Infinity War have in common?

The Quarry is the latest game of the ,,Until Dawn”-Macher Supermassive Games. As usual, it relies heavily on player choice and horror elements, albeit at the cost of interactivity. Different than last The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashesleft the game with us unfortunately not a great impression in the test.

What could hardly be complained about, however, is the game’s usual cinematic performance. The characters seem like they’ve been ripped out of a 1980s teen trash movie. One reason for the convincing representation of the game characters is the technically impressive motion capture process that the developers used. Excitingly, there is a similarity right here that the horror game has in common with the third Avengers film.

The Quarry: Infinity War

Because so found in the development of The Quarry exactly the same technique use that too Marvel at the CGI effects of Avengers: Infinity War used. The special effects studio is responsible for this Digital Domain, which has been involved in countless Marvel and Hollywood films. That team has a special tool called Masquerade developed which better captures facial animations.

The tool enables performances to be transferred to believably CGI-animated characters using cameras specially fitted to the head. In Avengers: Infinity War became, for example, Thanos (Josh Brolin) create. The company recently presented their latest version of the system, which should allow the tool to be used more widely. Including the game characters in The Quarry.

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In order to enable a realistic representation of the actors in the virtual world, Digital Domain complete facial scans of the actors. They then filmed the actors in motion capture suits for several days to transfer their body movements and facial expressions into the software.

Similar procedures are now the standard in major Hollywood productions. There is probably no major film that does not use some form of motion capture. The system is also used for non-human beings. The best known is probably the monkey leader Caesar from the latest “Planet of the Apes” films.

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