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Received by Edouard Philippe Matignon this Friday evening, seven yellow spokesmen came out positive after an hour and a half of exchange with the Prime Minister, while Saturday a "act 4" of mobilization is expected. During the meeting, the spokesmen of the yellow jackets evoked the rise of the SMIC, the CSG or the tax evasion, ensuring that they had brought all the claims of the movement. Now they are waiting for Emmanuel Macron's speech to be held next week.

"We really had a debate, it was very interesting, very constructive (…) We talked about everything," assured Jacline Mouraud, Morbihan's yellow waistcoat. Same story with Benjamin Cauchy, who spoke of a prime minister "attentive, serious, listening" and "aware of the gravity of the situation".

Many topics mentioned

The member of the free yellow jackets assured to have contacted with Edouard Philippe "all the affirmations that we have carried for several weeks", of the CSG with the planning through the disability pensions and the proportional with the Legislative elections: "We put everything on in particular, we assured that the weather was serious and that it was urgent to act ", he assured before tempering:" We did not feel like we took a big step but we had the desire to look into the eyes of one of the two big names of executive power ".

"Emmanuel Macron must finally be our president"

The yellow jackets now await the word of the President of the Republic, who spoke only once since the beginning of the crisis: "We are in a hurry, it is imperative that the President takes into account what we have been traced and we'll see the result next week, "said Jacline Mouraud.

"I hope we will see signs of pacification: Emmanuel Macron must finally be our president, the dance is in his field, we have done our job," he added.

For Benjamin Cauchy, this meeting should allow Edouard Philippe to trace the grievances of the yellow jackets to the President of the Republic who must take the responsibility: "Enough to speak from abroad or an aircraft carrier, technocratic formulas are sufficient, must speak concretely and quickly, "he said.


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