What do we know about the Oslo shooting

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In Norway, investigations into the shooting occurred Saturday night in downtown Oslo, in which two people were killed and a total of twenty-one were injured, of which ten were seriously injured. Police believe Saturday’s attack may have been an act of terrorism linked to Islamic extremism: the man arrested, a Norwegian citizen of Iranian origin whose name was not disclosed, had a criminal record and was known to intelligence services, but it was not considered dangerous.

The shooting began around 1:00 am on Saturday in the London Pub, a rather well-known gay club, and continued on to the nearby streets, near the Herr Nilsen jazz club and a street food shop. The man suspected of carrying out the attack was arrested a few minutes later by the police, who had confiscated a pistol and an automatic rifle from him: he is now indicted on charges of murder, attempted murder and terrorist attack.

Norwegian intelligence called the attack an “act of Islamic terrorism” and spoke of “an unresolved situation of terrorism”. Roger Berg, intelligence officer, he said in a press conference that the suspect had “a long history of violence” and was known to the authorities as a person “at risk of radicalization” in the context of Islamic extremism, adding that in the past he had had mental health problems.

In an interview with the program BBC Newshourthe first Norwegian minister Jonas Gahr Støre has explained that the man had been questioned in May, but was not considered a possible danger. Meanwhile, intelligence has raised the level of alert for acts of terrorism to the highest level, however specifying that at the moment there is “no indication” to suggest further attacks.

According to the Norwegian police «there is reason to think that [l’attacco di sabato] is a hate crime. ” For now, however, we are investigating whether the target of the shooting was the people of the LGBTQIA + community or if the suspect had other reasons.

The Pride demonstration was to be held on Saturday afternoon in Oslo, the series of events promoted by movements that defend the rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual, queer, intersex, asexual and identifying with other gender identities and expressions of sexual orientation. On the recommendation of the police, the organization of Oslo Pride had canceled all the events scheduled for Saturday: nevertheless hundreds of people gathered to march near the site of the attack, leaving flowers and flags in the colors of the LGBTQIA + community.

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