‘What do you do when you play?’ Shin Bong-sun X Jung Jun-ha, IU’s ‘Palette’ cover destroyed the studio

Bong-seon Shin and Jun-ha Jeong of ‘Tarot Sisters’ from ‘What Do You Do When You Play? Shin Bong-sun and Jung Jun-ha, who transformed into ‘New IU’ and ‘Jung Dragon’, prepared a live cover stage for IU’s ‘Palette’. Expectations are soaring on the set, dyed in pink, and on the stage of the two of them all-time (?) duets.iMBC entertainment news photo
In the MBC ‘What Do You Do When You Play’ (directed by Kim Tae-ho, Yoon Hye-jin, Kim Yun-jip, Kim Yun-jip, Wang Jong-seok, Writer Choi Hye-jeong), which will be broadcast at 6:25 pm on the 20th, the live cover stage of IU’s ‘Palette’ prepared by Shin Bong-seon and Jeong Jun-ha will be revealed.

‘Tarot Sisters’, who robbed the audience with their unique visuals and chorus in ‘What are you doing on the cover?’, finally finished their preparations and became the main character of the cover stage. ‘What are you doing on the cover?’ In the surprise live, the cover stage of the two was announced, raising the expectations of the viewers. Then, with only the preview video released at the end of last week’s broadcast, it made the audience expect the best cover stage ever.

In the published photos, the perfect pink set is attracting attention as if it were a rendition of IU’s music broadcast stage. Here, Shin Bong-seon, who was the ‘insurance king IU’ at the time of the cover stage of ‘Falling’, transformed into ‘Shin IU’ catches the eye.

iMBC entertainment news photoiMBC entertainment news photoiMBC entertainment news photo
Shin Bong-sun put her pride in being a member of the girl group ‘Celeb Five’ and practiced bloody to prepare her songs and performances properly. It is said that he surprised the members of the chorus ‘Toyotae’ (Yoo Jae-seok, Haha, Mi-joo) with his delicate voice.

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Here, the appearance of ‘Dragon Jung’ Jun-ha, who appeared in a red velvet suit and a hairstyle licked by a cow, also robbed the attention. Jung Jun-ha turned the scene with laughter by reinventing G-Dragon’s rap, who was featured in ‘Palette’, into his own ‘babbling rap’.

While it is said that Shin Bong-sun and Jeong Jun-ha showed passion for working together over the phone for this cover stage, the ‘Palette’ stage of ‘New Reason’ and ‘Dragon Jung’ will be broadcast at 6:25 pm on the 20th. You can check it through ‘What do you do when you play?’

On the other hand, ‘What do you do when you play?’ is receiving a lot of love because it contains the story of the infinite expansion universe (YOONIVERSE) unfolded by Korean comedian Yoo Jae-suk, who says, “What do you do when you play?” on days when there is no usual schedule.

iMBC Kim Hye-young | photo credit: MBC

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