What do you think of Roger Waters' political comments in Uruguay?

Orlando Petinatti (pilot)

Roger Waters crossed Montevideo with his show that we could split in two. The musical, of which there is no doubt that it was of a great level, and the show pamphlet. Waters and David Gilmour were a great music factory in Pink Floyd. Art never dies and Waters takes advantage of it very well. His hateful speech to different personalities, religions or politics makes his show controversial and of dubious honesty. How can you think that the accumulation of wealth can destroy the planet and live in a beautiful castle on Long Island? His "little house" has little to do with his "thought".

César Bianchi (journalist)

It was the most impressive show I saw in Montevideo, a show of good rock, lights, LEDs and surround sound. We saw a living legend of world rock and went straight to my 5 best live recitals. I was not surprised by his anticapitalist speech and called to resist (I'm not an outcast), but I would have liked less demagogy, less tribune. Rock and politics always go hand in hand and that's fine. What is wrong is that I make a list of "bad guys" with Trump and Bolsonaro at the top – sponsored – and forget about Maduro or Ortega. To the politician Roger I question myself about his hemiplegia, his manichesco look on politics. I only thank the musician.

Damián Herrera (journalist)

Although I have never been a fan of Roger Waters or Pink Floyd for a generational problem, I loved the show. It was a historical recital. As for his preaching, I was aware of being an activist of a very specific thought, which I share in most of his concepts. I liked feeling busy: he goes to Brazil and criticizes Bolsonaro, even though he knows that the majority votes. He says what he thinks. He plays it. It is true that the mounted spectacle is made by capitalism, but the same happens with other artists who leave nothing conceptually. I appreciate that you are a militant of your ideas and that you leave your message.

Fernando Invernizzi (journalist)

I have always been a fan of Pink Floyd and after their separation I followed closely the career of Roger Waters, whom I saw in 2007 in Buenos Aires, in a spectacular concert. He was always rebellious and above all very critical of the "business" of the war and its disastrous consequences on innocent victims. I liked this position very much. Unfortunately this time I saw him with a violent and very critical attitude towards some world leaders, but absent-minded with others, and lashing out the system that made him a millionaire. I liked the show, but his attitude prevented me from getting excited like 10 years ago. That time he sang and played a lot and did not talk that much.


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