What do your nails tell you about your health? Science answers


Capitals – The human body can release signals about public health, long before the observation of a specific health problem.

But most people ignore nail control, which hides signs and points that can tell us a lot about our health, in particular:

Nails that dry and break

It is estimated that one in five adults suffer from weak, dry and thin nails that can be easily broken. Usually it is the habit of drinking water.

Nails consist of around 18% water and when these levels fall below 16% they can become dry and subject to breakage. So you should drink a liter of water a day.

Zinc deficiency also contributes to nail fragility, so it is recommended to eat beef, pumpkin seeds and lentils.

2 – dark line in the nails

If you notice any new or changed dark lines in your nails, it is time to consult your doctor as soon as possible, as this may be a sign of one of the most serious skin cancers.

3 – peel and nail polish

If you bend your nails easily, you could be very soft: a condition known as hapalonychia.

Since the proteins in the nail matrix create their hardness, the best solution is to take the protein in larger quantities. It is also important to take enough vitamin D and A.

4 – loose nails

The common cause of nail clogging is the lack of sulfur in the diet, where it is found in milk, nuts and berries.

For diseases, cases like psoriasis and eczema can ruin the nail tissue, so talk to your doctor when you feel anxious.

5- white spots

Many people believe that white spots are a sign of calcium deficiency, but an expert says that they are actually caused by small air bubbles trapped between the nails.

Experts said the condition could be hereditary and could be caused by other factors, such as tissue malnutrition and nail trauma.

A diet rich in carrots, vegetables, eggs and fish is recommended.

6 – weakness of the perimeter of the nails

This may indicate a lack of hydration of the skin around the nails, so you should use oils rich in vitamins E and F.

7- Yellow nails

Nails tend to turn yellow due to smoke or enamel application without wearing a protective layer.

The yellowing of nails indicates that they have stopped growing and may be a sign of something in your body, such as lung disease and arthritis.

8 – nails in the form of a spoon

It can be said that the nails in the middle are a sign of iron deficiency, due to a poor diet, or a health problem in the stomach or gastrointestinal disease.

9 – curved nails

This condition can be genetic or a symptom of a health problem, including lung, heart, liver or stomach disease, which may require a visit to a doctor.

10 – Worn nails

A condition caused by a bad habit followed by the man, can be infected by herpes, because the nails are full of bacteria and fungi.

Source: the sun


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