What does astrophysicist Matt Agnew actually do for a living?


The Bachelor hasn't even started and already Matt Agnew is generating plenty of buzz – mostly because people don't understand what he does for a living.

Teaser clips for the new season show contestant after contestant stumbling over what Agnew's job is, and has prompted the 31-year-old to speak out and reveal what his work as an astrophysicist involved.

In an interview with 10 Daily this week Matt said: "My specific research is about planetary science, so the stuff I am trying to figure out where another planet like Earth could exist, we could actually look and find it."

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Matt's job contrasts with the careers of previous Bachelors; Tim Robards was a chiropractor who also dabbled in modeling.

Blake Garvey, however, he was the owner of Perth bad entertainment company that offered "G-string and raunchy nude shows".

Richie Strahan worked as a rope access technician but appeared to have modeled aspirations.

Matty Johnson had a successful career in marketing but had a modeling work and appeared on TV ads prior to his reality stint.

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Matt doesn't appear to have any modeling aspirations in his closet but he does have a PhD.

While he was raised in Adelaide and Perth, Matt now lives in Melbourne where he works at Swinburne University of Technology's Center for Astrophysics and Supercomputing.

According to Payscale.com, the average astrophysicist salary in Australia is $ 77,700, meaning he doesn't need to worry about getting post-Bach Instagram sponsorship.

In a preview released earlier this week, a team meeting takes place at the cocktail party, as the girls with Matt's line of work.

"What 's the word he says about what he does, he' s such a big word," a girl in pink asks before her and a female companion stumble over how to pronounce the word "astrophysicist".

"It sounds like a fake job," another girl interjects. "Like,‘ my boyfriend’s an astrophysicist! ’"

But not everyone competing for Matt's affections

"Do you understand what Matt's job is?" To producer asks one girl.

"No, not really," she replies, unfazed. "Am I supposed to?"

The Bachelor is coming soon to Network 10



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