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The NBA officially denied Andrew Wiggins’ request for a religious exemption from San Francisco’s soon-to-enact policy requiring full COVID-19 vaccination for those 12 and older attending large indoor events. Even if the league hadn’t denied it, the city — whose ruling supersedes the NBA’s — would’ve blocked it.

Wiggins and the Warriors now have clarity. For him to appear in any home game in Chase Center after Oct. 13, he must be fully vaccinated. There are no more outs. If he is not, the Warriors will be without their starting small forward.

Let’s go over the situation and what it could lead to.

Why Oct. 13?

That’s when the city’s new rule goes into effect. Before then, provided Wiggins produces a negative test on a daily basis, he is free to participate in team activities.

So Wiggins will be a part of training camp and the preseason?

As of now, yes, that’s my understanding. Wiggins will attend Media Day on Monday and practice with the team all week, as long as he keeps producing those daily negative tests, required by the NBA for unvaccinated players (about 10 percent of the league).

The Warriors have five preseason games. Four of them take place before Oct. 13. He will be eligible to appear in those four. The preseason finale is at home on Oct. 15 against the Blazers. That would theoretically be the first home game that Wiggins, under the soon-to-be-enacted rules, would no longer be eligible to attend.

Practices in their San Francisco facility will also become off-limits once the Oct. 13 rule enacts.

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