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What future would a forgotten GAZ-61-73 expect in the modern world

An old Soviet SUV would show everyone where the “crayfish hibernate.”

Most Russian motorists know and appreciate Toyota Land Cruiser, as the most suitable car for Russian conditions, famous for its reliability and cross-country ability. But few people know that in the Soviet Union there were machines that could be not only an alternative, but also a “killer” of the famous “Kruzakov”.

Among such cars, the GAZ-61-73 is distinguished, which was considered a representative car among Soviet citizens. Interestingly, such a machine was previously intended for commanders of military formations to cross the front-line off-road. What future would a Soviet old SUV expect in the modern world?

At the heart of the “Gazovsky” SUV lay the architecture of the GAZ-11-40. From the latter, the Soviet all-terrain vehicle still got brakes, a body and electrical equipment. Under the hood of the GAZ-61-73 there was a powerful 3.5-liter engine at that time with 76 and 85 horsepower, thanks to which the car had the ability to overcome climbs of up to 43 degrees, snowy surfaces, sandy roads and tow a 700-kilogram trailer. In addition, the Soviet SUV could move a 40-centimeter log or climb a pedestrian staircase.

However, the GAZ-61-73 itself did not have modern systems that provide comfort – the car lacked air conditioning and power steering. In addition, the steering on this all-terrain vehicle will have to adapt.

But, if in the modern world they would start mass production of the GAZ-61-73, then such a car would be a serious competitor to Toyota Land Cruiser – the latter does not have the opportunity to climb the pedestrian stairs or ride logs. Therefore, the mass production of such a car would be a huge success in Russia – it is possible that the developers would endow such a car with advanced technological equipment, and due to the relatively affordable price this all-terrain vehicle would not only kill UAZ Patriot – even Kruzaki in comparison with him would have seemed like trash.



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