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What happened during the night. The main news from RBC

Gazprom was forced to cut foreign equipment, CEC experts proposed to mitigate the electoral laws, Pobeda increased prices by 40%, the composition of the Ministry of Internal Affairs was reduced due to fears of the pension reform; the main new features – in the RBC review

Photo: Nikolai Khizhnyak / RIA Novosti

Gazprom forcibly cut the imported equipment

Gazprom had to face the forced shutdown of Austrian LMF compressors by the manufacturer and will now replace them with the Russian ones.

  • The compressors "are dead weight, they don't work yet," explained Pavel Krylov, head of one of the company's departments. "He is disconnected remotely via satellite, he has just become a wrecker," he added.
  • Subsequently, Gazprom specified that the accident occurred in 2012, the compressors were turned off at the "branch facility". Due to the accident, the development of similar domestic appliances began on the company's initiative.
  • The mobile compression stations have been used in Gazprom branches since 2010, the company said. Without compressors, since a source close to it refers to RBC, the pressure in the gas transmission network decreases and also the efficiency decreases.

"Victory" announced the increase in the price of tickets for flights from abroad to Russia

Pobeda Airlines has decided to increase the cost of tickets for flights operated from foreign airports to Russia. Prices will rise from October 28th.



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