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25 years have passed since the singer was assassinated by Yolanda Saldívar, the president of her fan club. The Queen of Tex-Mex is considered an icon of Latin music and her songs are still valid today.

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Talk about the musical success of Selena is also talking about his older brother, Abraham Isaac Quintanilla III or better known as , since he wrote many of the popular songs of the interpreter, such as “Dance this cumbia”, “The carcass” and “As the flower”.

After the death of the singer, AB Quintanilla did not lose his passion for music and formed with Cruz Martinez the grouping Kumbia Kings in 1999. The band quickly became one of the public’s favorites; however, the success did not last ten years.

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The Kumbia Kings It was an American group of Mexican origin from the State of Texas. The band had a unique musical style, mixing genres of cumbia, rap, pop, electronic and tropical. His first album sold more than 500,000 copies and achieved a Grammy Award nomination.

They later earned a nomination for “Latin Artist of the Year” at the 2003 American Music Awards. In 2006, they were awarded the Latin Grammy Award in the Best Regional Mexican Tropical Album category for Kumbia Kings Live. However, the band’s success only lasted until that year, as AB Quintanilla decided to leave the group due to a rivalry with Cruz Martínez, the co-producer.

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AB Quintanilla with the Kumbia Kings in 2000 (Photo: Getty)

At the time, Quintanilla accused Cruz of fraud noting that, during his administration of the gang, he lost almost a million dollars. Also, according to files from ‘El Universal’, the keyboardist had registered the group under his name before the National Institute of Copyright in Mexico when in the United States it belonged to Selena’s brother.

Nevertheless, AB Quintanilla’s version did not coincide with that of his colleagues. “I don’t know if it is AB’s custom to leave things pending with singers and groups, in the past it has, (with us) left things pending, accounts that it still cannot settle for us”Abel Talamantez, lead singer of the group, told ‘El Siglo de Torreón’ in 2006.

That same year, the brother of the late singer formed the group of Kumbia All-Starz but in 2008, Pee Wee, who was his vocalist, decided to retire to start his solo project.

Behind the exit from AB Quintanilla from Kumbia Kings, Cruz Martínez began a legal battle for the rights to the group’s name, and ultimately won in court. He is currently still leading the band, which recently held a live concert.


  • Love, Family and Respect (1999)
  • Shhh! (2001)
  • All Mixed Up: Los Remixes (2002)
  • 4 (2003)
  • Presents Kumbia Kings (2003)
  • The Story (2003)
  • Los Remixes 2.0 (2004)

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Few know that the Selena Quintanilla’s older brother He suffers from mental problems that have plagued him throughout his life. It was in 2015 when AB Quintanilla spoke about this issue during an interview for the program ‘Suelta la Sopa’.

In the conversation, AB Quintanilla revealed that suffer from bipolarity, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and attention deficit disorder. Problems that he decided to pay attention to due to the insistence of his mother, who has been worried about his mental health.

The artist has also undergone surgery on several occasions. In the aforementioned program, AB Quintanilla stated that after suffering a severe fall he underwent multiple surgeries as he had lost mobility in his legs. That is why on several occasions he was seen attending various events with devices to be able to walk.

Some time later, AB Quintanilla returned to the operating room due to problems in one of his shoulders, for which 4 screws were embedded. These situations have made Selena’s older brother aware and careful about his health.

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