What Happened to the Cast of the Squid Game – How the Fate of South Korean Actors Changed

Almost a month has passed since the premiere of the Korean hit Netflix “Squid Game”, but the series continues to be discussed by journalists and viewers. Meanwhile, the actors of the show are gaining popularity on Instagram, receive offers to advertise a chicken and even rejoice at the hate from viewers. Kanobu author Mariam Grigoryan tells how Squid Game changed the life of its caste, making the entire cast of the cast stars.

Lee John-ja is number 456

Lee Jong-jae has been active in South Korean projects since the 90s. He has more than 38 films and TV series on his account, including the Palme d’Or nomination “The Handmaid” (2010) and the brilliant action movie “Deliver us from the evil one” in 2020 (you can read about him in reviews “Kanobu”). For his role in the drama City of the Rising Sun (1998), Jong-jae received the Blue Dragon Award and the Korea Film Critics Association Award.

John-jae monitors for reviews of the series on social networks, laughs at parodies of his character and, in his words, “feels his popularity.” In an interview with Wion Jong-jae confessedthat he did not receive any new proposals for projects after the “Squid Game”. At the same time, the actor loved the role of the gambler Song Ki Hoon; When asked about the second season, John-jae confidently replies that he is ready to play in it, but does not yet know the plans of the authors of the “Game”.

Photo 1: Lee Jong-Jae in Life // FLICKR

Photo 2: John Jae as number 456 from The Squid Game // Netflix

Photo 3: Jong Jae and Park Hae-soo on the set of Jimmy Fallon’s Night Show

from Instagram John-Jae

Jung Ho-yeon – number 067

Jung Ho-yeon is 27 years old and has worked as a model for over 10 of them. Ho-yeon start a career without an agency or any representatives, but quickly made it to Fashion Week in Korea and appeared on shows for Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Prabal Gurung. In subsequent years, she worked with Lanvin, Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry, Roberto Cavalli, Diesel, Versus (Versace), Narciso Rodriguez and has appeared on the covers of glossy magazines, including local versions of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Dazed.

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The role of North Korean refugee Kang Sae Byuk from Squid Game is the first in her acting career. Before the release of the series, 400 thousand people were subscribed to Ho-yeon’s instagram, and after half a month – more than 13 million. So Ho-yeon overtook of all Korean actors by subscriber count.

Back in early October, the actress and model became the new face of the Louis Vuitton brand, along with the popular boy band BTS. In an interview with Korea Herals Ho-yeon toldthat she enjoyed filming the series, learned a lot and really wants to play in new projects.

Photo 1: Jung Ho-yeon in The Squid Game // Netflix

Photos 2, 3, 4: Jung Ho-yeon in Dazed magazine, in the Louis Vuitton ad campaign and on the cover of Vogue // Instagram Ho-yeon

Pak Hee-soo is number 218

Pak Hé-su started his path in 2007 as a musical theater role, and has frequently appeared in Korean dramas (TV series) since then. Fame brought him the role of a baseball player who goes to prison in the drama “Prison Wisdom” (2017-2018); The series won the Korean Cable TV Awards for Best Drama, and Park Hae-soo was nominated for several Best Actor Awards.

Actor will be removed in a Korean remake of a popular TV series “Paper house”, where he will play Berlin – one of the main composition of the gang of robbers. So, He-su’s career developed rapidly even before participating in The Squid Game. Against the background of the popularity of the show, he opened an Instagram account and already gained 2.2 million subscribers (at the time of writing the material).

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In an interview with He-su toldthat audiences were ambivalent about his role in The Squid Game; in his address he heard both many curses and words of support. But the actor is glad of even a sharp reaction, as “it made me wonder whether [его персонаж Чхо Сан Воо] deserves contempt. “

Photo 1: Park Hae-soo // Wikipedia

Photo 2: Hae-soo in The Squid Game // Netflix

Photo 3: Park Hae-soo in real life // personal instagram

Ho Seong-tae – number 101

Ho Seong-tae has many ties to Russia: before starting his acting career, he have worked representative of LG in Moscow and knows Russian well. The actor gained fame after the films “The Royal Tailor” (2014) and “Secret Agent” (2016).

A month after the premiere of The Squid Game, Son-tae arrived in Vladivostok and published photo with matryoshka, having received a lot of warm comments from Russian fans. But how told Son-tae, he often gets weirder messages from viewers. Because of the love scene from The Game, which takes place in the closet, the actor is often asked to “take them to the bathroom”.

Photo 1: Ho Sung-tae in The Squid Game // Netflix

Photo 2: Song-te in Vladivostok // personal instagram

Photo 3: Song-tae on vacation after filming // personal instagram

About Yong-su – number 001

The 76-year-old actor has been playing in the theater for almost his entire career; by 2013 Oh Yeon-soo Participated in in more than 200 productions. In The Squid Game, he plays one of the key roles.

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His character Oh Il Nam, a man in his years with a brain tumor, in one of the episodes calls himself gganbu or kkanbu; users on reddit explainthat this is a slang designation for a player who shares all risks and rewards with a partner. The word is very similar to the name of the Kkanbu Chicken restaurant chain, an analogue of KFC in South Korea. Foreign publications reportthat Kkanbu Chicken asked Yeon-soo to star in their commercial, but he refused, preferring to act as an actor.

Oh Yeon-soo in The Squid Game

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