What Happens if You Don’t Pay Illegal Loans?


Illegal online loans (Pinjol) are increasingly ensnaring the public. Until finally viral on TikTok an invitation not to pay debts at illegal loans. Isn’t it dangerous?

In response to this, the OJK Investment Alert Task Force (SWI) also confirmed that a loan must be paid.

“The loan must be repaid, please,” said Tongam Lumban Tobing, chairman of the OJK Investment Alert Task Force (SWI). detik.com, Monday (18/10/2021).

So what are the risks if you don’t pay?

1. Increasing Debt plus Interest

Financial Planner from the Advisors Alliance Group Indonesia, Andy Nugroho, revealed that if you don’t pay the illegal borrowing debt, you will risk accumulating debt with interest. Where do we know the interest from illegal borrowing is famous.

“Because when we borrow from the loan we are charged interest which is calculated per month, so when there is a payment jam, the remaining funds borrowed will continue to be subject to interest, and continue every month as long as we have not paid it off,” he explained.

2. Billed by Debt Collector

The second risk, of course, will come a debt collector. As we know, debt collectors from illegal loans are known to be rude to intimidating. “And it is not in accordance with the billing procedure made by the association of Fintech lending companies,” he continued.

However, according to him, if the payment of illegal loan debts is stuck, it will not be included in the BI Checking blacklist.

“When the loan is illegal, as far as I know, those whose names are in arrears will not be included in the BI black list,” he said.

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But it’s still dangerous, Detikers, if you borrow money from a loan it’s illegal.

What if you are in arrears on a legal loan? Click next page.


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