“What happens in Bolivia is called a coup …”

The situation in Latin America is very complex. And the root of the problems is very deep. It is complex to choose from where to start to approach them. The province of San Luis always offers the valuable resource of a broad, sharp, serious, sensible, invaluable look. Sustained look at events, events that have already happened. Realities, concrete actions, not promises. It is the advantages of political leaders supported by coherence. It is not a question of approaching the Bolivian community now to seek a revenue or to express solidarity devoid of content. The Governor of the Province of San Luis and many member families of that community met in the Multiple Uses Room that the Bolivian Community has in the Industrial Park.

More than ever “Bolivian Brothers”. And in his own words it was to “give them a hug”, “to contain them”, “to comfort them”. And as the approach is not from now, it is not opportunistic, it all started with thanks. In the words of one of those present: “All are witnesses of the Governor’s help so that we could have the property and this building to enjoy them.”

And the spokesman for the homeowners described the situation very well: “What is happening with our people is something very critical, a very sad moment, a tragedy. We have relatives who tell us what happens every day, they live it firsthand. And this blow that they have done to the Bolivian people, not to Evo Morales, but to the people, is a tragedy. Because the one who receives the bullet, the punch or the blow is the people. Those who have assaulted power are great powerful, they had an armed plan to remove Evo Morales from the Presidency. They did not want to be ruled by an indigenous person. That was the key to everything ”. “What Morales did in my country no one did. What Evo has done, nobody did in the whole of Bolivia. Thanks to him we are proud to be Bolivians. Before we were humiliated and now we are not. Thanks to Evo, the country grew, education increased and the country’s wealth grew. Now there are people behind these riches, hence the coup against the president and the people ”. Very clear Vicente Ticona, a Bolivian brother. It is to kiss the flag and it is to hand over the lands, and to give schools, hospitals and sustainability to huarpes and ranqueles.

“What happens in Bolivia is called a coup. In Bolivia the racists, the discriminators, cannot stand that the country … has given a huge bath of social justice. They could not bear that from the hand of Evo Morales there was a giant inclusion policy to break up differences and that a Plurinational State be recognized, where cultures are the same and belong to the country, to the Bolivian State. These powerful people cannot stand that Bolivia grows, that it has regained sovereignty over gas, oil and mining, the great wealth of the country. Before they took those riches. But not anymore; that changed and the best part is for Bolivians. ” Words of the Governor. And there was a minute of silence. For the dead. All these tricks in Latin America are paid for with the lives of many men and women.

What happens in Bolivia is the worst discrimination. It is racism in its purest form. It is contempt for some compatriots. It is to condemn roots, traditions, authentic rites and celebrate that whoever usurps power with the support of the military swears embracing the Bible, and ignores the Constitution. And it is 21st century imperialism. And it is in Latin America. It is the copper of Chile; the oil of the region; gas and lithium from Bolivia; It is the Guaraní aquifer. It is the history from the Catholic Monarchs, Columbus and mercantilism to here. It is very clear that it is a coup. It is very clear, as always, they come for riches. If you want to deepen the question and understand in depth, it is essential to resort to the powerful pen of Eduardo Galeano: “The open veins of Latin America”, editions Siglo XXI, Mexico, 1971.

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