What happens when a heavy tree falls on Tesla’s glass roof?

When it comes to safety tests of newly manufactured vehicles, many people do not trust them and it is said that laboratory conditions are different from real ones. In the case of the Tesla Model 3, however, a case has emerged that clearly documents how safe this electric car is. In the event of an accident evannex.com, was played by Tesla’s crew, who went to their wedding. Everything is documented by the attached video, which clearly shows what actually happened. Just as Tesla was driving around a full-grown tree, his trunk broke and the entire tree fell on the panoramic glass roof of the car.

At first glance, however, the terrible accident turned out unexpectedly. The roof absorbed the entire impact of the tree and transferred practically all the energy to the car’s body. Thanks to that, nothing happened to the crew, unless we count on a big shock. The recorded video then comes from the car that followed Tesla. As it turns out, the piles of information about the ever-improving safety of Tesla cars are not just a slap in the face. If the roof of the Model 3 had released, the crew would certainly have lost their lives. In addition, as it turns out, there have been several other accidents around the world in the last year, including the Tesla Model 3. Some were shocking and did not result in death due to the high rigidity of the car’s skeleton.

Construction sedan, 4 694 × 1 933 × 1 442 mm, 1 745 kg
Tree Electricity, driven axle: rear
Performance 258 kW, 370 hp, torque: 510 Nm
Battery 54 kWh (70 kWh usable capacity)
Charging fast charging: 170 kW, on-board: 11 kW, connectors: Supercharger, CCS Combo, Mennekes
Consumption ?, range: 430 km
price from CZK 1,324,900

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