What if Covid-19 made hair sensitive to coloring?

Hairdressers in the UK have implemented patch tests to test customer reactions.

Is this a new symptom of Covid-19 ? In the United Kingdom, hairdressers have warned of the appearance of allergic reactions. Rashes or burns on the scalp and in the neck, hair dyes have reportedly had disastrous consequences in some patients.

Hairdressers in several parts of the country have reported that some of their clients have developed new allergic reactions to hair dye after contracting the coronavirus. To avoid such situations, the National Hair and Beauty Federation, which brings together hairdressers and beauticians, now recommends that professionals carry out tests with clients to ensure their reaction upstream.

A change in the immune system

As reported the BBC, a patch test could thus be applied 48 hours before the application of a hair dye to anticipate a possible allergic reaction. The media cites as an example a young woman recently recovered from the virus who reacted to one of these patch tests when the dye used was the same as the one she has been using for 10 years. This hairdressing salon has set up patch tests to ensure the reaction of clients, the center encountered this scenario with four other clients.

At the moment, there is no scientific evidence that links the presence of the virus and allergies. How to explain these reactions? Scientists at Imperial College London are putting forward an explanation. Indeed, this phenomenon could be the consequence of a modification of the immune system induced by the virus. The presence of Covid-19 in the body could, in a way, reprogram the immune system. Further studies have yet to establish a link between the virus and these reactions.

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