What is Hamas and why has it attacked Israel?

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Last Saturday Hamas launched the largest offensive by land, sea and air on Israel since he took control of the the Gaza Strip in 2007. This is the biggest attack in Israel’s historyIn fact, it is estimated that in just a few days there will be thousands of deaths and injuries.

As a result of this, Israel responded by quickly stating the state of war. The Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has mobilized 300,000 reservists in the last few hours after bombing and closing the Gaza Strip in response to the attack. But… What is Hamas? What are your objectives?

Own portavoces of Hamas have acknowledged that they had been preparing this attack for several months, which began with the rapid entry into Israel of hundreds of Hamas militants, causing hundreds of deaths and kidnappings that took place in the first hours after the attack.

Hamas (Arabic acronym for the Islamic Resistance Movement) is a Palestinian paramilitary organization considered a terrorist group by countries such as the United States, Australia or Japan, and also by the European Union.

This organization was founded in 1987 as a nationalist and Islamist entity, but in 2017 it reformulated its principles.

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