What is Heymods WhatsApp Plus and why should it be avoided?

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Mexico City / 28.07.2020 18:43:13

The war to remain as the best messaging application forces that WhatsApp update and improve the platformHowever, the community manages to change the user experience with mods, being that in the last few days one that grabbed the spotlight came up. Heymods WhatsApp Plus which has functions that are not yet glimpsed by the official version.

Heymods WhatsApp Plus benefits

Do you remember the time when the message “WhatsApp will cost starting next month, to continue being free share this to 20 contacts and also the interface will change color? Well, that lie became part of the reality, because this nuevo mod allows modifying the identity of the app, in addition to using it on several devices at the same time, use animated stickers and with more dynamic video calls.

Is it safe to download it?

It should be underlined that not an official item and like any other APK there are certain risks, starting from the platform where you download it, in case you do it from the creator page there is also the possibility that WhatsApp identify it as an external app which will leave as consequence a blocking of your account (or ban) that can last a few days … in the worst case it would be permanent.

“HeyMods Team is made up of lovers of WhatsApp modifications around the world, who believe that each user deserves a better WhatsApp, just like the developers of YoWhatsApp, GBWhatsApp or Coocoo WhatsApp, who did amazing and surprising work,” says the official website.


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