What is Ronaldo’s position on the war in Ukraine, and did he specify the timing of his retirement? | sports

Cristiano Ronaldo, the Manchester United star, sent a message against the backdrop of the events taking place in the world, specifically the Russian war on Ukraine.

Ronaldo wrote, through the Al-Astori feature on his official account on “Instagram”, saying: “We need to create a better world for our children. We pray to God for peace in our world.”

In another context, Ronaldo revealed that his retirement date is approaching, hoping that he can continue for four or five years, and he said in an interview with the “DAZN” digital platform, “I know that I do not have many years left on the field, I hope to continue for another four or five years, but I I want to keep winning trophies. My life has been a wonderful journey that left an imprint everywhere I went.”

“I think it is very difficult for any other player to reach the numbers that I have achieved, but it is enough for me to be proud that I left a mark everywhere I was found, and that makes me happy.”

“You have to be smart and say it’s not the same when you’re 20 or 25, compared to when you’re 35. That’s maturity, experience, intelligence knowing that you can lose some things but you’ll gain other things, and having the balance to keep competing and staying in The highest level”.

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