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Get to know what software is on a computer device.

GridKids.id – Kids, what do you know about software?

Of, software is a program that instructs the computer to perform a specific task.

In the absence software or software, the computer would be useless.

Well, this time GridKids will invite you to get acquainted with software or softwareof.

Come on, let’s just look at the information about software!


Launching from Techopedia, theory software first discovered in 1935 by Alan Turing.

No Software itself was created by mathematician and statistician named John Tukey.

This was conveyed in the 1958 edition of the American Mathematical Monthly which discussed the electronic calculator program.

Type of Software

Be aware, so far there are two types software the most used.

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The two types are systems software and applications software.

System software itself controls the internal functions of the computer, through the operating system.

In addition, system software control additional devices such as monitors, printers, and storage.

Temporary application software is something that instructs the computer to carry out user commands.

Here are some examples software:

• Discord: Software the application used to communicate.

• Skype: Software It is also used for communication purposes.

• Ventrilo: Just like Discord and Skype, Ventrilo too software communication.

• AVG: AVG is the type software antivirus.

• Norton: Just like AVG, Norton is also a software antivirus.

• McAfee: Software it is also an antivirus.

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• Adobe Photoshop: Software this is software multimedia.

• CorelDraw: Just like Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw too software multimedia.

That is the definition of understanding and types softwareKids.


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