What is the difference between milk and whey? packaging can be deceiving

Those who go to the supermarket should pay attention to food labels, as some products have similar packaging, even if they are different. Among the cases that went viral on social media is whey. In several posts, people question the fact that the whey is sold in boxes, very reminiscent of the traditional packaging of cow’s milk.

The Procon-SP (Consumer Protection Protection Program) gave until September 26 for the company Nestlé Brasil to provide clarifications on products similar to others already consolidated in the market. To UOLNestlé said that it has already been notified and that “will provide the necessary clarifications requested by the agency”.

It is also the case of condensed milk called Moça Pra Toda Família, which is actually a condensed milk mixture of milk, whey and starch — while the original Moça is made from whole condensed milk.

Another similar case happened with the manufacturer Nova Mix Industrial e Comercial de Alimentos – Quatá Alimentos, which was notified by Precon-SP by the sale of the product called whey, sold at R$4.49 a box by a supermarket in São Paulo, Nagumo.

What is the difference between milk and whey?

Cow’s milk — whole or skimmed — is a food or drink that provides calcium, protein and calories.. Whey is a by-product of cheese production and is rich in proteins of high biological value.

Whey is generated in the production of cheese and is usually used as a raw material for dairy foods, beverages and supplements — whey protein.

Why is the packaging deceiving?

The similarity between the packages can, according to experts, mislead the buyer. Attracted by a price between 30% and 40% lower than the reference product, the consumer can take home “dairy drink” instead of milk.

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The confusion can be repeated in the condensed milk, exchanged for the “condensed milk mixture of milk and whey”.

In the case of curd cheese, the “mixture of curd and starch” appears on the shelves.

Powdered milk can be confused with “dairy compound”, while sour cream could be replaced by “mixture of milk, whey, cream and vegetable fat”.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, there is a rule that regulates the sale of whey for human consumption in liquid, concentrated and powder forms.

Can whey be a substitute?

There is no contraindication to using whey, but it does not replace the consumption of milk, because there is a loss of nutrients in relation to the original product.

However, it is not common to see people literally drinking whey. In fact, it is mostly used on the following occasions:

  • Replace milk in recipes, such as cakes and breads;
  • Use in soups and stews, replacing water;
  • When making vitamins, mixed with fruits;
  • To complement protein diets.

The product is similar to skimmed milk, which goes through an industrial process to remove fat. This causes the product to also lose part of the vitamins.

*With information from texts published in 08/07/2022 e 21/09/2022.

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