What is the difference between open and closed back headphones?

The preferences of some people for the shape of the headphones used always differ according to their hobby, needs and personal comfort, and some of them sparked controversy about open-back headphones and their closed-back counterparts as to which is better, and TheNextWeb moved the difference between them, as follows:
What are the open back speakers?

Open-back headphones are nicer when you wear them for long periods of time, as the airflow makes your ear holes happier.

The open back design allows the sound to move freely, giving the feeling of having the musicians in the same room.

But there are some downsides to open-back headphones, since the sound is not blocked by the box, unless you want people close to you to hear everything you pump.

What are the closed back headphones?

The closed-back headphones have a container that specifically tries to stop sound from entering and exiting, and the biggest benefit of closed-back headphones is that they are ideal for general listening, but they can produce small echoes inside the earpieces, where the sound bounces between your ears and the speaker. As comfortable as its open back counterpart.

And closed-back headphones have a housing that tries to block the movement of sound, while open-back headphones don’t.

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