What is the fourth season of the Bureau des Légendes


Eric Rochant's espionage saga returns in season 4 marked by the arrival of Mathieu Amalric in a thrilling role. The pleasure of finding this series is fantastic, even if unfortunately the topic of computer security is touched.

Here is the long-awaited return of our spy masters Bureau of Legends (The first two episodes, out of ten, of the fourth season, are broadcast tonight on Canal +). Refugees in Moscow, hunted by the DGSE and the CIA, the double agent Malotru (Mathieu Kassovitz) lives strange jobs and wants to return to France to expiate his guilt.

Nothing happens in Paris at the headquarters of the DGSE. After a series of malfunctions all related to Malotru, the Bureau des légendes, known as "BDL", is the subject of an internal investigation. Mathieu Amalric, who participates in the series with a fanfare, is chilling. As in Quantum of Solace is Monkexcels in the role of the spy of evil. Marie-Jeanne, the new director of the BDL (Florence Loiret-Caille), has many advantages to resist her treacherous attacks. Far from Paris, we are delighted to see Artus as Jonas, a not very athletic analyst facing the harsh terrain in Raqqa (Syria) and Mosul (Iraq), where he has to control Daech's French "ghosts". For the first time, our agents are emotional and this makes them even more appealing. Again, women are evaluated. Only their work is involved in which body and soul are engaged.

At the same time, Éric Rochant and his coscenarian Camille de Castelnau, who always choose a realistic and contemporary geopolitical theme, are interested in the Russian spies of the FSB, ex KGB. A good idea since the Russians have returned to the forefront of the international scene. The focus is on computer security, cyberattacks, manipulation, through social networks, elections in Western democracies … Marina Loiseau (Sara Giraudeau) and a young geek, César (Stefan Crepon), recently hired by the DGSE , are sent to Moscow to recruit experts in artificial intelligence.

A season 5 in writing

After a hectic start, this season loses a bit of breath and then returns to the eighth episode. With the exception of a big scene in the middle of this season when we suspect a virus is being downloaded via servers all over the world on a giant screen, the cyber war theme is only touched. What has been announced as the main theme is not sufficiently exploited. The spectator remains dissatisfied.

There are also some inconsistencies. How can Marina Loiseau, who has already been spotted and interviewed by the FSB agents during her visit to Iran in the second season, resume her role as a seismologist in Moscow? Finally, in the scenario, some inversions – disrupted love, the return of an agent in Paris – are too abrupt to be fully credible. Despite the excellent interpretation of Florence Loiret-Caille in the role of Marie-Jeanne, this season also suffers from the absence of strong personalities such as Henri Duflot (Jean-Pierre Darroussin), former director of the BDL, and Nadia El Mansour , the great love of Malotru. Furthermore, several secondary characters have been replaced by more transparent characters. It is also regrettable that the spies of the FSB are much less frightened than those of the Iranian secret services in previous episodes.

However, we are waiting impatiently for Season 5, which was written. In the United States, Eric Rochant and his producer Alex Berger have entrusted to Peter Lanzman, former reporter of the New York Times, adaptation of the "BDL". baptized The department, this series tells the geopolitical interests of the CIA and should be broadcast on AMC. The duo is also preparing the filming of stealthy, a series on French special forces. Last but not least, the series The oligarchs, whose dream Éric Rochant has dreamed of for years, is currently being financed.

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  1. Des Bureau
    The agents’ stoies were not as exciting or believable this time, and the story floundered.
    Jonas – always in a great storyline- never know where its going or how he pulls it off, and the scene in the room with the post it notes… Id stopped breating. Brilliant!! (And nearly blown up – except fot the nerve gas lol).
    I am totally totally enthralled with the new cold but oh so clever tech lads. What they know!! Their scenes are orchestrated so well – a show within themselves.


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