What is the importance of exercising in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic? | Video | Univision 45 Houston KXLN

by surprise.

Laura: you know well that

exercising has always been

recommended by both

towers why is it so

important to exercise?

let’s go to tell us

more, surely you have heard,

we know why the insistence,

it is important to know that the

physical activity helps us

maintain an immune system

healthy and can help us what

that this quarantine is

provoking. about 30

minutes a day, the interesting

here is that the physical activity

it’s especially small

number of hours is even greater,

young children have to

stay active and on

constant movement during

all day, teenagers

we should try to motivate

they exercise at least

one hour a day for children

encourage them to run, to walk,

jump if you can’t get out to

street with them by using

Videos and online activities

free, the videos that

used to teach yoga to

children can help them

control anxiety while

promote physical activity, a

excellent action is the channel

youtube that offers videos and

exercises for how much

adults like children have fun

and exercise together. yes

prefer the cis is higher

intensity of the major channel

Elena and offers 30 minutes. them

I recommend using one of

app rations can

monitor our progress and

winters a virtual chain and

select specific music

that we want to hear, on the other

side app occasions offer us

guided rooms and

walks that help us

relax and seek to achieve a

little emotional stability,

if applications and

ideos are not yours nothing is

more fun than a party or

a family dance contest.

I hope these serve you

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