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On this day, the High Level Security Dialogue between Mexico and the United States was held., in which the Plan Mérida, which only addressed security issues, and initiated the Bicentennial Understanding.

What will the Bicentennial Understanding address?

The new plan will be based on three axes, which are:

  • Protect citizens, investing in public healtha in relation to the impacts of drug use, supporting safe communities and reducing homicides and high-impact crimes.
  • Prevent cross-border crime securing modes of travel and commerce, reducing arms trafficking, targeting illicit supply chains, and decreasing illegal trafficking and human trafficking.
  • Dismantle criminal networks, persecuting people linked to illicit financing and strengthening the security and justice sectors.

Among the specific actions envisaged in the Bicentennial Understanding are the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding to reduce drug addiction and associated harm, with the purpose of developing plans to prevent drug use.

  • The United States intends to expand efforts to identify, treat, and support people affected by illicit opioids by providing financial and technical assistance to state and local governments in the American Union, through new grants from the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Program. Opioids, Stimulants and other Substances.

Also, both nations commit to create the Network for the Prevention of Homicide, which will provide a platform for the exchange of best practices in crime and violence prevention, work with youth at risk and for safe and peaceful communities.

  • Said network will consider the creation of a multidisciplinary homicide team to deal with high-impact crimes linked to transnational criminal organizations, with an emphasis on the use of forensic laboratories, to facilitate and support the investigation of crimes and their prosecution.
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In that sense, It will work, with mutual respect, to combat arms trafficking, bilaterally coordinating detection and seizure activities, considering new strategies and strengthening collective efforts.

Also, the nations commit to expand training, increase personnel and exchange information to strengthen actors in the Mexican security and justice sector to combat the criminal use of firearms.

  • As well as to establish additional ballistics laboratories to process the more than 80 thousand weapons seized in Mexico.

What did they say about the Bicentennial Understanding?

At the joint conference between Marcelo Ebrard, Secretary of Foreign Relations, and Antony Blinken, US Secretary of State, the importance of having a compromised border between both countries was highlighted.

“We are committed to having a border that is vibrant, that is a link between the two countries of our peoples through trade and that is really something alive, because this relationship, these connections, are so important to both of us, but it also has to be safe. , orderly and humane regarding the way we address illegal migration; we are doing a lot of things together, “said Antony Blinken, US Secretary of State.

About the deal Bicentennial understanding, the Mexican Foreign Minister stressed that it will be memorable for the results that will be there.

“You are going to see that there are three common objectives: to protect our people, to prevent crime in the border area, to dismantle criminal networks, that there are four immediate memoranda. It is an agreement that will be memorable for its results… ”.


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