What it takes for Messi to sign for Barça

John Laporta go crazy for bring to Messi. It is not surprising that in the interviews he gave after winning the league title, he talked about the possible return of the Argentine. The president said that he had spoken with Leo to try to redirect the situation and thus promote the return of the footballer to the Camp Nou. However, the situation is not as idyllic as he wanted to reflect. Still much remains to be done for Leo to come back.

The fans who celebrated LaLiga in Canaletas remembered Messi

Meeting between Leo and Laporta

First, there has to be a real conversation between Laporta and Messi. It is not enough with some messages in which they congratulated each other on the World Cup and now on the League. Both characters have to come face to face in order to smooth things over after the way in which the footballer left the club two years ago. Nobody forgets the tears of Leo who looked renewed by Barça.

Messi and Laporta embrace after the last Copa del Rey won by Barcelona.

Offer and sports project

In addition to the conversation, the club has to present the offer to the player. Until now, this issue has not been discussed according to the sources consulted by this newspaper. And the offer is not limited to the money you can earn. This topic is important, but Leo is more interested in the sports project that the club will have. Know who is going to sign to gauge the team’s chances for the next campaign.

In the hands of LaLiga

LaLiga will have a lot to do with all this. In the first place because in his hands is the approval of the feasibility plan that Barcelona has given him. A long-term project for which he would balance his accounts and in this way could sign Messi. Everything indicates that Barça will obtain the approval of the employers’ association. LaLiga is the first that is interested in the Argentine’s return, his cachet as a League would rise a lot, and after the negotiations he has had with the club it seems that there will be a happy ending.

sale of players

However, this is not enough because in order to complete the transfer it is necessary to sell players. Barça’s feasibility plan guarantees that they will be able to sign with the one by one rule, but will continue to need a gap in the wage bill. This has been greatly reduced with the departures of Busquets, Piqué Griezmann and others, but more departures are necessary.

Messi’s waiting

And this is where the time factor comes in, which is not trivial. All the teams are already planning for the next season and going to the market to see signings. And Messi cannot wait forever for Barcelona, ​​especially with the precedent of two years ago when he left him hanging from one day to the next. You also have to wait for UEFA gives the final go-ahead for Barcelona’s participation in the Champions League. Everything indicates that this will be the case, but Messi will surely want official confirmation.

The Saudi offer

Messi wants Barcelona. He bets on the return. On a sporting level, he would be delighted to be under Xavi’s orders and his family would be delighted to return to Barcelona. Laporta, Xavi and the club in general are also longing for Leo. However, there are still many issues to be resolved and it will not be easy. Time is running out and in Arabia they are still waiting and there they are willing to cover you with gold.

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2023-05-18 21:46:28

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