What measures does the pact include and what are the differences with 2019? Businessmen and Justice in the focus

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The government agreement reached last morning between the PSOE and Sumar has an important labor component. Both partners seek for “full employment” to become a “priority” that will “permeate” the roadmap for the next legislature. Hence the two commitments demanded by Sumar that have unblocked the negotiation in the last hours: the reduction of the working day without salary losses and a new increase in the SMI.

It is not the only measure focused on the workplace. Both partners set the goal of regulating dismissals and promise to “immediately” execute a shock plan against youth unemployment. They also plan to expand paid birth leave and definitively approve the scholarship holder’s status, in line with the progress made during the last legislature.

Another important point in this matter is that the future Government plans to “prioritize” union actors as a “guarantee” for “working people in substantial modifications to working conditions and layoffs”, a measure that they promise to “review” to that “only in situations that affect the viability of the company can these procedures be resorted to.” The CEOE y Cepyme They have already harshly attacked the PSOE and Sumar roadmap, which they call “interventionist.”

The agreement published this Tuesday also states that the future Government will strengthen the public health system with the aim of reducing waiting lists. To this end, among other points, the PSOE and Sumar commit to increasing healthcare positions and activating a shock plan to strengthen primary care.

In terms of housing, the coalition will increase the public stock until it reaches 20% of the total stock, and will deepen the provisions of the Housing Law designed by Podemos to “contain” rental prices. Likewise, it promises to expand the economic threshold for access to aid to alleviate the rise in interest rates and promises to “consolidate” the aid bonus for young people.

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