What owners of oil heating systems must pay attention to


DThe Federal Government has specified its plans for stricter climate regulations in the building sector and the ban on oil heating systems. Accordingly, boilers, including those based on gas, which are older than 30 years, may no longer be operated from 2021. Boilers that were later installed would have to be "successively replaced", according to a draft for a new "Law on the Unification of the Energy Efficiency of Buildings", which F.A.Z. is present. This includes strict specifications for the installation of new, climate-friendly heating systems. As of 2026, as a rule, no new oil burners may be installed. But the ban knows exceptions where there is no climate-friendly alternative.

Andreas Mihm

The replacement of inefficient boilers with modern systems is a particularly effective measure for saving energy, according to the 194-page paper. The profitability, which the coalition wants to pay special attention to, was given without further ado, since new, efficient plants consumed significantly less energy "and accordingly saved heating costs".

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