What PC can you get for the price of a PS5 or Xbox Series X?

We tell you which is the best cheap gaming PC that we can buy for the price of a PS5 or Xbox Series X. We are not going to achieve the level of the two new consoles from Sony and Microsoft, but at least we will be able to have fun at 1,080p without spend a lot of money.

“Well, for what the consoles cost, I build a PC capable of running games at 8K”. It is an exaggeration, but I have not deviated much from the comments that have been read in networks and forums since Sony and Microsoft revealed the price of both Xbox Series X and PS5.

In the end, although all sorts of prices, both PS5 how Xbox Series X will hit the market for 499 euros. Microsoft will be the first, launching its two new machines on November 10. For its part, Sony will launch PS5 in some territories on November 12, but it will arrive in Spain on the 19th.

A few weeks ago we told you how much would a PC cost with a power and features like those of the two new consoles and … the truth is that it is quite expensive. The SSD, ray tracing or 8-core processor with high frequency makes PC components go up in price. Yes, on a PC you can do many more things, but if we want it to play, the truth is that we will have to spend more money.

We don’t talk about Series S because there is no PC that you can build for 300 euros that gives you to play games at a decent level, but … Can you build a PC to play games for what a PS5 and Xbox Series X cost? The answer is yes, of course, you can build a PC to play for 500 euros.

Now, to play with many, many concessions both in resolution and graphic parameters. The three new consoles stand out for offering a very good GPU, a CPU at the height of 2020, an impressive amount of memory and, above all, high-speed SSD units, all at a very reasonable price.

For that reason, along the next lines, and as a mere “curiosity”, we are going to try to build a PC for what a PS5 or Xbox Series X costs. It will not be a PC to compete against these machines, because it is impossible, but we will see how far we go.

This is the PC that we can build for the price of a PS5 and an Xbox Series X

We warn you from now on: the PC that we are going to mount will allow us to play current games, butor the level will be 1,080p with assets in low-medium to maintain a good frame rate in more recent titles. To older games we will be able to play at a good level without problems.

We review a list of current PC games that stand out for their few requirements and that can be played on cheap or old computers without problems.

We have tried to maintain coherence between the different components, but always bearing in mind that we must be around 500 euros. After several configurations, we have finished with a configuration of about 520 euros at the time of writing. In fact, we attach proof:

And, as you see, the components of our PC for what it costs a PS5 or a Series X are:

There are many compromises, yes, but the price was an important limit. Let’s try to explain the setup a bit. The first thing you are going to miss is the processor. It is a recent architecture Athlon that has a dual core at 3.5 GHz. It is unlocked, so we can force an overclock and has an integrated fan. It is clear that it is not the most capable CPU, but until now, most games used GPUs because they are console ports with a poor CPU … and in the GPU we have not skimped.

This is the 8GB RX 5500 XT. It has GDDR6 memory and it will allow us to play with a good level of detail, although without fuss, at 1,080p. We could take the RX 580, a very popular GPU in cheap PCs, but the XT 5500 is more modern, heats up a bit less and has a faster memory.

The RAM is 16 GB DDR4. It goes to 2,400 MHz and, although the board supports up to 3,200 MHzThe processor really only supports 2,666 MHz, so we have chosen a memory configuration for Dual Channel of a good brand and as cheap as possible, and this one from Corsair has “come out” for us.

The SSD is indispensable. It is little space, but we are really going to notice the difference a lot when starting the system. If you don’t mind taking a little longer to start Windows, you can always buy a 1 TB HDD like this one from WD at 7,200rpm for 41 euros.

We don’t want to mess around with the font by going for something like a Mars Gaming … and we’ve put together a Corsair. With its 650 W we will have more than enough because both the GPU and the processor do not consume too much in this equipment.

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And the box is one of the cheapest, but I like the detail that it has a compartment so that the power supply is separated from the rest of the components.

Conclusion with our cheap PC

So that, It is not the PC that will be able to move Crysis Remastered in the best conditions, and it is not a joke, it is capable of competing against PS5 and Xbox Series X, but for those 500 euros we can mount a cheap gaming PC that is quite capable of playing current games with a medium-low level in graphics, but a multitude of independent games and free to play with a very good level.

Of course, neither operating system, nor Wi-Fi (the board does not have an integrated module), nor mounting. So, if there is someone who assembles a PC with the characteristics of Series X and PS5 for those 500 eurosTell us so we can buy one, please.


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